The ‘Aquajetta’ Mixer provides a simple solution to multiple water quality issues within storage tanks.

  • Water needs to be moved around within a tank to promote blending of the new and old product.
  • Additional chlorine is often necessary to boost disinfection residuals.
  • Sampling points that reflect accurate results are required for on-site monitoring.

All of these issues can be addressed with the one mixing unit, in a cost effective and low maintenance environment. It is a jet boosted circulatory system that encourages the mixing of water within a tank, with all the controlling features external to the structure. This enables easy access, monitoring and control of the unit in a safer and more time efficient manner.

The Aquajetta concept began as a WIOA PASS award winner in 2013. The team that designed and constructed this unit have decided to make the system available to other water utilities, due to its simplicity, value for money benefits and performance statistics.

The original unit has been reduced in size and now has additional safety and monitoring features included. Best quality pipe fittings are used and pumps are interchangeable to suit different sized tanks. There is a safety mechanism for ‘no flow’ situations and a diaphragm valve for fine tuning the chlorine infusion module. There is also a ‘pre and post’ sample point system included, that allows accurate field measurements of the disinfection residuals within a tank at any time.

Maintenance is safe and simple, as the unit is mounted externally and can be easily accessed within its secure storage box. Chlorine is infused from tablets, which are topped up on a weekly basis under normal operating conditions.

Personnel no longer have to climb up onto tanks and open hatches – it is all done at ground level. There is an ability to ‘slug dose’ with liquid product if required in special circumstances.

Additional options to this system are only limited the users imagination, and the units will continue to evolve from client inputs and feedback. Each unit is a ‘custom build’ to suit each storage tank, so unlike other mixing units on the market, it is not a ‘one unit suits all’ situation.

Aquajetta offers value, simplicity and performance. It is also designed and built by the same people who install it, so quality outcomes are assured.

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